Mrs Hansen & The Bad Companions

FLINTA*-Director/Documentary, Denmark 2023

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Inger Hansen is 80 years old. Her villa sits right next to the train station in the small Danish town of Sorø. The house has seen better days. The roof leaks, boxes and bags are piled up in the rooms, and the neighbours complain about the dishevelled state of her garden. Inger long ago opened her doors to people seeking refuge. Some of them have nowhere else to sleep, some have a drug problem, and they all have money troubles. Some stay for a few weeks, some for many years. Inger provides a place for them to be what they want to be, where somebody listens to them. The film follows her and some of the house denizens through their day-to-day lives, illustrating the central role Inger and her villa play in their lives. Without her, some of them might not even be here. This empathetic, warm-hearted, and sometimes humorous film about people on the margins of society is also a monument to a woman who has dedicated her life to helping people who desperately need her.
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Jella Bethmann

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Inger & det dårlige selskab


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