Tomorrow's Another Day

Biography/Documentary, Sweden 2011

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It's as if we were in the studio for the filming of “You, the Living”, watching a cinematic vision take shape before our very eyes. Innumerable workers are energetically building models of cities and airplanes, switching on fog or rain machines, pushing cars with poles, applying white make-up to the actors’ faces and hands. In the legendary Studio 24, reality is constructed to match Andersson’s visions. “Complex images, banal dialogue” is how the director summarizes his films. Chewing gum nervously, Andersson stands behind the camera. Will his ideas work? A mock-up of a tram pulls in, passengers depart, cross the tracks, are beeped out of the way. Andersson wants the everyday act of getting off a tram to show how, for people today, the cadence of life is always determined by outside forces. But he’s not yet happy with the scene’s pacing. “You, the Living” is screening in the Homage.
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Johan Carlsson

Original title:

Det är en dag imorgon också


16:9 HD, Color

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