Nelly Rapp – The Secret of the Black Forest

Adventure/Literature adaptation, Sweden 2023

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It’s school vacation once again and, for newly-minted Monster Agent Nelly Rapp, that means visiting Uncle Hannibal and Aunt Lena-Sleva. She’s just not happy Papa’s brought his new girlfriend along, and her son, Valle. Especially when Valle joins in uninvited as Nelly slips quietly away to uncover the mystery of the Black Forest and the mirror of death. There’s a reason the forest has such a frightening name, and the further in they go, the stranger their encounters. And at some point, Nelly realizes it’s not so bad not having to face every challenge alone. The second on-screen adventure of Monster Agent Nelly Rapp.
97 min
Starting at 10
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Johan Rosell


Matilda Gross (Nelly Rapp)

Melvin Agnarson (Valle)

Marianne Mörck (Lena-Sleva)

Johan Rheborg (Hannibal)

Jens Ohlin (Lennart)

Maria Grudemo El Hayerk (Leila)

Original title:

Nelly Rapp – Dödens spegel


16:9 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 10

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