Lynx Man

Documentary/Biography, Finland/Estonia 2023

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Hannu has loved lynxes since childhood. When the man with the unruly beard one day discovers that a number of the wild cats have settled near his little house in the forest, he begins to get close to them with painstaking zeal. He sets up wildlife cameras and leaves them little treats – and even his personal urine markings. While he only approaches them from a respectful distance, he immerses himself in their world, giving them names and observing their individual personalities. In dream-like sequences, he prowls around at night with a lynx mask, howls at the moon, and imagines he sees lynxes in the steam of his sauna. The breathtaking day and night shots provided by Hannu's cameras show not only lynxes but all the other animals of the forest – moose, hares, wolves, and many more. The longer the film accompanies Hannu and his lynx friends, the more obvious it becomes that Hannu's own kind poses a threat to the harmonious coexistence of the species in the forest.
81 min
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Juha Suonpää

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