Together 99

Comedy, Sweden 2023

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Of the original commune of the '70s, only two members remain. Göran has maintained his subversive attitudes and Klasse still weaves carpets, but both feel as if life has stagnated. Suddenly, the rest of the gang is at the door because it's Göran's birthday. Lukas Moodysson brings the characters of his cult film "Together!" (2000) back together again. The former roommates may have become strangers to each other – even the gifts they bring reveal different lifestyles: a huge wheel of brie and red wine, a gardening scythe – but the remnants of the former familiarity and closeness between them is still there. Old loves suddenly raise their heads again, and the same old arguments arise anew. The camera has a lot to do: it captures nuances, the shadows that flit across the faces now and then, and the eyes that suddenly light up with joy. The reunion enables everyone involved to look at the present in a new way.
116 min
Starting at 18
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Lukas Moodysson


Gustaf Hammarsten (Göran)

Anja Lundqvist (Lena)

Shanti Roney (Klasse)

Jessica Liedberg (Anna)

Olle Sarri (Erik)

Lisa Lindgren (Elisabeth)

Jonas Karlsson (Lasse)

David Dencik (Peter)

Cecilia Frode (Signe)

Lars Frode (Sigvard)

Henrik Lundström (Fredrik)

Sten Ljunggren (Birger)

Julia Heveus (Mirjam)

Original title:

Tilsammans 99


16:9 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 18

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