Drama/Sci-Fi, Germany 2023

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Two people meet on a bus to Lübeck. They're coming to the Hanseatic city to work– Agnieszka, from Poland, as a caregiver for an older gentleman with dementia, and Dieudonné, from the Ivory Coast, as a harvest worker on an organic tomato farm. Agnieszka, who works for a Catholic placement agency, soon forms a close connection with Siegfried, whose son Carsten is rarely present and doesn't understand him. Dieudonné, trapped in the exploitative constructs of modern agriculture, mostly communicates via an enigmatic network called Amitié. It's a form of artificial intelligence and virtual reality that anyone can join, and it seems to offer endless possibilities. When a crazy policeman suspects there's a trafficking gang behind the network, and Siegfried is picked up by a mysterious taxi, events come to a head. The film is a science fiction parable that uses humour and creative imagination to tell a story about inequality in our society – and the hope for a self-determined life in the future.
104 min
Starting at 18
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Sylwia Gola (Agnieszka)

Yann Mbiene (Dieudonné)

Walter Hess (Siegfried)

Aziz Çapkurt (Osman)

Christoph Bach (Carsten)

Anna Stieblich (Sylvie)

Original title:

Die Amitié


16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 18

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